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Search SEC Filings for financial and non-financial information such as board members, executive compensation, audit committee, compensation committee, etc. in seconds through SeekiNF, a cloud technology by SeekEdgar.

to the authors of publications as listed here that have used data from SeekEdgar.

2018. Journal of Finance (Forthcoming). Insider Investment Horizon, by Ferhat Akbas, University of Illinois at Chicago; Chao Jiang, University of South Carolina; and Paul D. Koch, University of Kansas.


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Exhibit 10 & Exhibit 99 of 10K and 10Q

SeekiNF allows users to search for financial and non-financial information based on user specified search strings from the various SEC filings and PCAOB Inspection Reports from 1994-2018 with daily updates. It has around 17 million SEC filings and 33 million documents in its database spread over 24 years. More.

FRAANK allows users to get financial statements, especially Balance Sheet, Income Statements, and Cash Flow Statements, of public companies filed with the SEC. These statements are made available in Excel Spreadsheet format. More.

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Examples on How to Search for Information Using SeekiNF
(For detailed explanation refer to User Guide)

Example 1 - Search for filings/documents that contain certain key words

Search all 10K's that have the following words: futures, options, swaps, and hedging.


Example 2 - Presence and absence of certain phrases

Search all DEF 14A and DEFA 14A for the presence and absence of the following phrases: Bonus plans -Stock options -Equity incentives (+ for presence and - for absence).


Example 3 & 4 - Presence of Multiple Phrases containing words like 'a', 'for' 'in', 'no' 'of', 'to' etc

Example 3 deals with finding companies that received a going concern opinion (GCO) from their auditors. Example 4 deals with searching for documents containing the exact phrases like "We may never become profitable" or "We may never be profitable".


Example 5 - Proximity Search and download results

Example 5(a) shows how to get executive compensation tables from DEF 14A for all the companies for all the years and download the results by submitting a Request Form. Example 5(b) shows how to obtain executive bios.


Example 6 - Display few words before and few words after a phrase and download results

Obtain Business Address and Fiscal Year End from 10Ks using this feature. One can download the entire data by submitting a Request Form as described in Example 5.


Example 7 - Count multiple phrases and words

Get the count of a set of words/phrases upto 50 maximum for your search criteria by submitting a request in Request Form.


Example 8 - Proximity Counter with/without Order

Compute PCTCOMP, a measure of competition, in a matter of no time. This measure was developed by Li, Lundholm, and Minnis in “A Measure of Competition Based on 10-K Filings”, in Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 51 No. 2 May 2013, pp: 399-436. See the Newsletter for more details.


Example 9 - Unique line item from 10K or 10Q

Search for unique financial information from 10K such as "Air Traffic Liability"


Example 10 - Searching through the Subsidiary Database

Search for Subsidiary information from our exclusive Subsidiary database.


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