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List of publications published using data from SeekEdgar

  • 2018. Journal of Information Systems. Do auditors price breach risk in their audit fees? Online Early, by T. Smith, University of South Floridsa, J. Higgs and R. Pinsker, Florida Atlantic University.
  • 2018. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy. Trade secrets and cyber security breaches, by Michael Ettredge, University of Kansas, Feng Guo, Iowa State University, and Yijun Li, University of Kansas.
  • 2018. Journal of Finance (Forthcoming). Insider Investment Horizon, by Ferhat Akbas, University of Illinois at Chicago; Chao Jiang, University of South Carolina; and Paul D. Koch, University of Kansas.
  • 2017. The Accounting Review. Auditor Multinational Expertise and Audit Quality by Joshua L. Gunn, University of Pittsburg, and Paul N. Michas, University of Arizona.
  • 2017. Management Science. Offshore Expertise for Onshore Companies: Director Connections to Island Tax Havens and Corporate Tax Policy, by Tom Kubick, University of Kansas; Jiang Chao, University of South Carolna; Mihail Miletkov, University of New Hampshire; and Jide Wintoki, University of Kansas.
  • 2017. Journal Accounting & Economics. The Real Effects of Mandated Information on Social Responsibility in Financial Reports: Evidence from Mine-Safety Records by Hans Christensen, University of Chicago; Eric Floyd, University of California San Diego; and Lisa Yao Liu, University of Chicago; and Mark G. Maffett, University of Chicago.
  • 2017. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting. Using Search Engine Technology to Examine Relationship between Going Concern Opinion and Its Financial Distress Metrics. V Desai, JW Kim, Nova Southern University, RP Srivastava, University of Kansas.
  • 2017. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting. The Incremental Informativeness of the Sentiment of Conference Calls for Internal Control Material Weaknesses, by Ting Sun, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark.
  • 2017. CPA Journal. Deep Learning and the Future of Auditing: How an Evolving Technology Could Transform Analysis and Improve Judgement. By T Sun, MA Vasarhelyi, Rutgers University - Newark.
  • 2017. Working Paper. What Drives Voluntary Disclosure – Manager Cost or Investor Demand?: Evidence from Derivatives Use. John L. Campbell, University of Georgia, Sean Cao, Georgia State University, Hye Sun Chang, Singapore Management University, Raluca Chiorean, Lehigh University.
  • 2017. Working Paper, The University of Kansas. 2017. Have They Changed the Way of Cheating? An Analysis of Management Fraud Schemes pre- and post- SOX. By Gao, L., SUNY-Geneseo, K. Yoon, Rutgers University, and R. P. Srivastava, University of Kansas.
  • 2016. The Accounting Review. The Effects of Regulatory Scrutiny on Tax Avoidance: An Examination of SEC Comment Letters by Thomas R. Kubick, The University of Kansas; Daniel P. Lynch, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Michael A. Mayberry, University of Florida; Thomas C. Omer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • 2016. Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting. Text mining. Text Mining to Uncover the Intensity of SEC Comment Letters and Its Association with the Probability of 10-K Restatement. By Yue Liu and Kevin C. Moffitt, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Newark.
  • 2016. Indian Accounting Review. Textual Analysis and Business Intelligence in Big Data Environment : Search Engine versus XBRL, by Rajendra P. Srivastava, University of Kansas.
  • 2015. PhD Dissertation, Business Administration, Duke University. Improving Financial Statement Footnotes: Evidence from Derivative and Hedging Disclosures, by Thomas D. Steffen, Yale University.